Broken Body

by Erik Schlicksbier

Paper170g/m2 LuxoArt Velvet
Images280 b&w
Edition of200
LanguageGerman & English
Price€ 59 (Hardcover)
€ 20.90 (extended eBook)

The Broken Body series is about the discrepancy between what is usually seen as such a strong, but in reality vulnerable and soft shell of the human being in contrast to the actual hardness and strength of splints or casts – and in the resulting handling of the human being, who in the end recollects his own strength. This book is the culmination of a journey of over ten years.

The series are arranged chronologically in the book and thus also give an overview of the development of the series as well as my photographic development over time.

All series — like my pictures in general — were created together with the respective protagonist. I didn’t want them to play any roles — even if they are fictional stories in a way. All the casts, all the stories are based on the respective experiences, fears, coping strategies and personality of these women. They are stories that happened or that the women feared could or would occur and their personal dealings with them. Sometimes it is also a cipher for something deeper, in which case the cast allowed the woman in question to show an injury without having to reveal the real reasons.