We love photo books / coffee table books and zines and are delighted that more and more photographers are publishing their pictures in wonderful editions. It’s just that it’s often just as difficult for them to get readers for their book as it is for readers to get the attention of all the worthwhile photo books out there.

This page is intended to be a platform for this publication, bringing photographers and readers together — for free! No costs for listing your book and/or browsing here. Not even cookies …

Newest Books

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Photographs in 2023 — by Craig Taylor-Broad

Newspaper zine containing some of my favourite images from 2023.
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Freedom Tastes of Reality — by Juan Barte

Freedom Tastes of Reality is a celebration of our bodies in the era of the disembodiment of all human relations.

Dear India. A Love Letter in Photographs

Discover the multifaceted country and its captivating people with "Dear India. A Love Letter in Photographs". This 84-page photo book takes you on a visual journey through dazzling India, from the bustling hustle of the cities to the quiet corners of untouched natural landscapes. On every page, I want to show a new aspect of this impressive country, as a heartfelt love letter to India itself.
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Craft Werk 4 Magazin Issue #04

Craft Werk 4 Issue 04 comes this time in two cover variants. Optionally in the Fashion (Mia) Edition, or in the Nude Art (Desiree) Edition.

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