We love photo books / coffee table books and zines and are delighted that more and more photographers are publishing their pictures in wonderful editions. It’s just that it’s often just as difficult for them to get readers for their book as it is for readers to get the attention of all the worthwhile photo books out there.

This page is intended to be a platform for this publication, bringing photographers and readers together — for free! No costs for listing your book and/or browsing here. Not even cookies …

Newest Books


Tripped up stones and lithic wonders. A very rough and ready zine thrown together in a day and printed on a standard office printer – the photos get pretty abstract when the toner ran low.

Pick Variety — by Eva Grillhoesl

This book is dedicated to my father – it is a book about the variety of picks. But it is also an invitation to my father to „pick variety“! My father used one and the same tooth pick for years. The good piece slumbered in his jacket pocket. He spurned fresh produce from the supermarket, and attempts to bribe him came to nothing. An exotic had to be found!

Berlin Artists — by Jörg Dedering

The portraits show the artists in their individuality, without any staging on my part; I photographed the artists as they wanted to portray themselves. What the artists reveal about themselves was up to them. The portraits are not about my idea of art , but rather to show the diversity of artistic expression and life.
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Madre Celestial — by Sophie Polyviou

Hand-stitched zine features photographs of roadside shrines, street altars and spontaneous symbols of remembrance taken in Mexico. A celebration of pop spirituality, everyday faith and the vibrancy of Mexican folk culture.

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