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Photographs in 2023 — by Craig Taylor-Broad

Newspaper zine containing some of my favourite images from 2023.
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Freedom Tastes of Reality — by Juan Barte

Freedom Tastes of Reality is a celebration of our bodies in the era of the disembodiment of all human relations.

Dear India. A Love Letter in Photographs

Discover the multifaceted country and its captivating people with "Dear India. A Love Letter in Photographs". This 84-page photo book takes you on a visual journey through dazzling India, from the bustling hustle of the cities to the quiet corners of untouched natural landscapes. On every page, I want to show a new aspect of this impressive country, as a heartfelt love letter to India itself.
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Craft Werk 4 Magazin Issue #04

Craft Werk 4 Issue 04 comes this time in two cover variants. Optionally in the Fashion (Mia) Edition, or in the Nude Art (Desiree) Edition.

Mellow – by Simon Bolz

»Mellow« describes a sense of serenity that surprises with humor and personality. I show moments with women who embrace life. Gentle and wild, crazy and playful.


Tripped up stones and lithic wonders. A very rough and ready zine thrown together in a day and printed on a standard office printer – the photos get pretty abstract when the toner ran low.

Pick Variety — by Eva Grillhoesl

This book is dedicated to my father – it is a book about the variety of picks. But it is also an invitation to my father to „pick variety“! My father used one and the same tooth pick for years. The good piece slumbered in his jacket pocket. He spurned fresh produce from the supermarket, and attempts to bribe him came to nothing. An exotic had to be found!

Berlin Artists — by Jörg Dedering

The portraits show the artists in their individuality, without any staging on my part; I photographed the artists as they wanted to portray themselves. What the artists reveal about themselves was up to them. The portraits are not about my idea of art , but rather to show the diversity of artistic expression and life.
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Madre Celestial — by Sophie Polyviou

Hand-stitched zine features photographs of roadside shrines, street altars and spontaneous symbols of remembrance taken in Mexico. A celebration of pop spirituality, everyday faith and the vibrancy of Mexican folk culture.
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Ripped — by Peter Heidel

Although the ripped jean was a subcultural phenomenon, the trend became very popular in the 90s and was accepted by a variety of cultural influences, from Kurt Cobain to hip-hop, solidifying its place as a mainstream fashion element.
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Humeurs de modèles — by Charles Lemaire

The #COVID19 project visually captured the model's mood during the pandemic. the sense of isolation and nudity of the human facing an invisible enemy.
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A la limite — by Charles Lemaire

Country, home, body. Everybody experimented the limit. The limits between the inside and the outside. Us and the other. These three dimensions are the thread for 50 years of my photography.

Frauenbilder — by Franziska Nehmer

7 years of preparation and 2 special projects. The #ObenOhneProjekt is about expressiveness. In the hard times of cancer treatment and in the recovery phase. The #4000KaratProjekt shows real, genuine beauty, away from the big glossy magazines.
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Craft Werk 4 — Issue #03

Black and white photography in 12 contributions in different stretches, with 9 male and female protagonists in fine art print.
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Craft Werk 4 — Issue #02

Photography in 9 contributions in different stretches with 10 protagonists in predominantly black and white fine art print.