Craft Werk 4 — Issue #02

by Rüdiger Spieler

CoverSoftcover with flaps
Paper150g/m2 Magno Volume Picture Print Paper
Images169 b&w + 7 coloer
Edition of100
Price€ 27

As with issue 01, the embossing is done on a 100-year-old Heidelberg cylinder. Craftsmanship worthy of the name Craft.

The layout is indicative of the contents:
Photography in 9 contributions in different stretches with 10 protagonists in predominantly black and white fine art print.
For the first time also with some discreetly used colour images.

Mailin: Impresses with her presence | IMPRESSIVE
Dana: With a strong appearance | STRONG
Yen: Brings Asian roots and calmness | ASANA
Carlotta: With curly hair and a youthful vibe | YOUTH
Maya: As a dancer she brings expression and body tension to the point | BEAUTIFUL
Vivien: A sunshine and with 14 years the youngest in the mag | COVER ME IN SUNSHINE
Paulin: With professional ambitions, enormous expression and recognition value | EXPRESSION
Tara: Beautiful with excerpts of our project work | FINAL CUT
Nadine & Stephanie: A cooperation with Swan artist Hannes Hell in Merano | ITALIAN JOB

Swan Magazine says:
“Two target groups are obvious: On the one hand, there are those photographers who (like Rüdiger Spieler himself) are big fans of Peter Lindbergh, Vincent Peters, Helmut Newton or Saul Leiter and want to experience how to incorporate their work into their own photographs. On the other hand, these are also photo enthusiasts who want to see live that even a farm (or any other small flat) is suitable as a photo studio, if only you can develop enough ideas and play cleverly with clothes and accessories.”