Craft Werk 4 Magazin Issue #04

by Rüdiger Spieler

CoverSoftcover with flaps
Paper150g/m2 Magno Volume Picture Print Paper
Images201 b&w
Edition of75
Price€ 33

Craft Werk 4 Issue 04 comes  in two cover variants.
Optionally in the Fashion (Mia) Edition, or in the Nude Art (Desiree) Edition.
A fine art print with 198 pages in high-quality print on 150 g/m² matt coated image printing paper, with a cover in 300 g/m² cellophane on the outside and with embossed logo.
As with issues 01 to 03, the embossing is done on a 100-year-old Heidelberg cylinder. Craftsmanship that deserves the name Craft.
Who and what is in the Fine Art Magazine?
You will find 11 black and white series with 9 protagonists.

From portraits to music photography and fine art, to partial nudes and nudes.

For the first time in this issue, the nude and boudoir genre is also included, but no teen models, which in my opinion is not compatible in one issue. But as these genres are also part of my portfolio, it was time to show them in print.
Included this time:
Desiree, Willi, Mia, Mira, Maya, Daniela, Lizz, Michelle, Leona

From Switzerland to the North Sea

I didn’t limit myself to the Craft Werk 4 studio rooms for this issue either. I had a great collaboration with Marco Gressler, the photographer, co-founder of Swan Magazine and publisher of Progress Magazine, in Switzerland. Together we had a great day of shooting as part of a freelance project with Mia and Michelle. Both routes can be found in this magazine and the special thing is: You will find Marco’s point of view in Progress Magazine 15.