Freedom Tastes of Reality

by Juan Barte

PaperFreelife Vellum. 140g/m2, recycled paper, with 55% pure environmentally friendly certified FSC® fibres, 40% recycled fibres, and 5% cotton fibres.
Images89 b&w, 1 color
Edition of100
LanguageSpanish, English
Price€ 35

Freedom Tastes of Reality is a celebration of our bodies in the era of the disembodiment of all human relations.

Life doesn’t just happen around our bodies anymore. We’ve stopped living in the physical space where we find ourselves. Life is happening elsewhere, out on a screen, somewhere removed from our bodies. Thus, We no longer experience the world through our own bodies. For most lines of work, it is no longer necessary to be physically present in an office full time to be a productive member of the team. We now telework. It is because of this work-from-home possibility that we’ve disconnected productivity from the need for presence. In this very same way, we’ve created sexuality without a need for presence, friendship without a need for presence, training, teaching, existing without a need for presence.

To complete this project, I collaborated with some of Madrid’s new art scene key protagonists during a nine-year period. The innovative and original artist is the blueprint for the entrepreneurial self that is now ubiquitous. The set of requirements that formerly applied exclusively to artists has advanced to the status of a general ideal. Today, we are all expected to be as flexible and creative as possible, to work on our own initiative, to have a high degree of mobility, and to hunt for our own passion.