More Pictures About Dark Cities and Vacant Buildings #2014

by Luis Martins Pisco

CoverPhotozine / Booklet
Paper120g/m2 Munk
Images22 b&w
Edition of20 signed and numbered
Price€ 8

Final chapter of “More Pictures about Dark Cities and Vacant Buildings” — a visual roadtrip through the author’s life, which lasts for three decades meeting places, people and states of mind.

The series begins in the late eighties, in what seems to correspond to the first steps, not very successful, in the photographic art, and is abandoned in the middle of the second decade of the new millennium. At that time, as far as is revealed to us, the author will have abandoned the preferential use of black and white, starting a new and promising color cycle, the result of which we will possibly know in a few years.

Although the images presented could be organized by themes, places or moods, the author chose to emphasize the diary character of his work, presenting them chronologically in temporal cycles.

While the initial images show a desire to discover and a youthful photographic impudence, at the dawn of the new millennium a growing disenchantment emerges, which often accompanies the political and economic degradation of his country, clearly evident in the images corresponding to the years of intervention by the Troika, that the author so well summarized most directly in his series “À Rasca”. The most productive and daring periods, which are registered from 2006 onwards, possibly correspond to the period of discovery and participation in the collective, which had a strong influence on the author’s approach.

“More Pictures about Dark Cities and Vacant Buildings” is an intimate and personal visual diary that is now being unveiled, but which still preserves the anonymity appreciated by the author.