by Erik Schlicksbier

CoverSoftcover – swiss brochure
Paper170g/m2 GalaxyArt Velvet
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€ 9.90 (eBook)

Closeness. The joint development of what the portrayed person wants to show the viewer with the help of the photographer. Because let’s not fool ourselves: The careful penetration of the protective walls built up against strangers, the deep study of the other person and the grasping of the right moment is something that the person in front of the camera must also allow the person behind the camera to do. There must be a trust and openness on both sides – a collaboration that is always exciting and fulfilling.

This small volume contains some of these stories from the last ten years. Fortunately, no routine creeps into getting to know the other person deeply – it is always a new experience and I look forward to the next ten years and more, in which people in front of the camera keep giving me new insights.