Pick Variety

by Eva Grillhoesl

Paper150g/m2 / Cover 250g/m2
Edition of50
Price€ 10

This book is dedicated to my father – it is a book about the variety of picks. But it is also an invitation to my father to „pick variety“!

My father used one and the same tooth pick for years. The good piece slumbered in his jacket pocket. He spurned fresh produce from the supermarket, and attempts to bribe him came to nothing. An exotic had to be found!

The tooth picks come from 20 countries: Belarus, China, Germany, France, India, Iran, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.

My thanks go to all those who poked around the world on my behalf.

The work was created in 2018 and 2019. A first edition of 5 copies appeared as a catalogue (accompanying an exhibiton) in 2019. Now, I redesigned it and reissued 50 copies as a second edition.