by Fotografie im Norden

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In any field, pigeonholes are quick to hand. For example, art photography quickly conjures up images of people sitting half-naked on stools in an empty swimming pool, with fir trees on their heads, and without long explanatory texts. On the other hand, many will have the window displays of relevant photo chains in mind when they hear the term “portrait photography”.

The three of us, Jona Rothert, Erik Schlicksbier and Marlena Wels, have joined forces to form the photo collective “Photography in the North” in order to put an end to this pigeonholing. We want the best sides of craft photography to complement the best sides of artistic photography, so that a utility art in the best sense of the word can arise. On the one hand art for the wall, which remains accessible to the viewer, on the other hand portraits for customers, which stand out from the mass of pictures by artistic handwriting and vision.

In order to make this vision tangible and to inspire others with this conviction, we will present our approach to rethought photography in annual exhibitions, where we will present series of images on a jointly chosen overall theme. What each concept will have in common is that they are words that seem to have fallen somewhat out of time. The prelude is “Attitude” – and this is the exhibition catalog for this exhibition.