by Marlena Wels

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In the photo book CIRCUS, the glitz and glamor, but also the darker side of show business are to be shown. It is based on the Golden 20s, when there were more circuses than ever before. The art of entertainment flourished, but at the same time there was misery among the population and people tried to escape the consequences of the war through spectacle.

In the pictures just the attempt to cover up any grievances should become clear: The glitz and glamour should get its place, as well as the passion for the show life, the fame and success, for which is lived so passionately. But the darker sides of such a life also play a major role in the pictures.

Show life demands a lot of ambition, discipline and the ability to hide one’s own feelings behind a glittering mask for the sake of the show. The view behind it may be less glamorous, but it tells us all kinds of stories.

The book includes, in addition to the main images created, a large making-of section that tells the stories behind the curtain and shows previously created sketches, pictures of the creation process and behind-the-scenes photos.