What Happens Next — by Boris Bethge

"What Happens Next" stands, more than any other of my photo books, for the theme of storytelling and head cinema. The book includes eight image spreads plus a section of single images.
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Through My Eyes — by Peter Müller

Through my eyes ... is a review of my work with people around the world. Its mostly black and white with some of my color client work. Preface by my dear friend, Musician and Photographer, Till Brönner.
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Broken Body — by Erik Schlicksbier

The Broken Body series is about the discrepancy between what is usually seen as such a strong, but in reality vulnerable and soft shell of the human being in contrast to the actual hardness and strength of splints or casts - and in the resulting handling of the human being, who in the end recollects his own strength. This book is the culmination of a journey of over ten years.
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Sonnenallee. Arab Street. — by Klaus Heymach

Snatches of songs from Beirut and the best chickpea breakfast in town. The smell of apple tobacco, fresh pita bread and incense. Salam aleikum in the deli. 1500 meters of Arab street in Neukölln, wanderlust! That's what Sonnenallee means to me.

More Pictures About Dark Cities and Vacant Buildings #2014

A visual roadtrip through the author's life, which lasts for three decades meeting places, people and states of mind.

First Face — by Paul Martin

His book of fashion portraiture, First Face, is a beautiful record of neophyte preternatural models striding through the margins of a 90s dystopian city backdrop like Pippi Longstocking on crack - making you nostalgic for a world that never really existed.

Circus — by Marlena Wels

In the photo book CIRCUS, the glitz and glamor, but also the darker side of show business are to be shown. It is based on the Golden 20s, when there were more circuses than ever before.
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Attitüde — by FiN

We will present our approach to rethought photography in annual exhibitions, where we will present series of images on a jointly chosen overall theme. What each concept will have in common is that they are words that seem to have fallen somewhat out of time. The prelude is "Attitude" - and this is the exhibition catalog for this exhibition.

Places of Resonance — by Christian Klant, Michael Gleich

In the middle of Germany, 43 places have been identified that have a special cultural, spiritual and historical significance, called “Sauerland-Seelenorte” (soul sites). They are quiet places that touch people and invite to pause in these hectic times.

Nähe — by Erik Schlicksbier

Closeness. The joint development of what the portrayed person wants to show the viewer with the help of the photographer. This small volume contains some of these stories from the last ten years.